low_TTestosterone is a significant hormone known to be of paramount importance only for men; however, it is far away from the truth as it is an equally vital hormone for women in order to develop and maintain a high quality of life.

Regardless of your gender, if you are experiencing the below mentioned symptoms, you may want to go and see a doctor who is qualified to check your hormone levels and provide you with an effective course of action.


Sign #1 Lowered Interest in Sex

Firstly, if you experience a sharp decline in sex drive, you need to take this as a vital sign of lower Testosterone levels. For men, it is inevitable to experience a decline in sex drive as they grow old, but a remarkable drop in the urge to sex signifies low T. Whether you are a man or a woman, if you see a downfall in the desire to have sex, make sure you consult a doctor to check your testosterone levels.


Sign #2 Loss of Hair

Testosterone plays a pivotal role in hair production. Although balding may occur for varied reasons, loss of body and facial hair is also due to low testosterone levels.


Sign #3 Loss of Energy

Men and women with low T volume have reported feeling incredible fatigue in performing day to day activities. Individuals with low T levels will feel extremely tired despite getting enough sleep.


Sign #4 Change in Moods

Testosterone not only plays a role in several physical functions, it also influences mood and mental states. Just how women may experience changes in mood during menopause, men may experience similar changes with the loss of testosterone. Many research studies have shown that men with low T levels are more susceptible to experiencing depression and irritability.


Sign #5 Find it Difficult to Concentrate

For some individuals with low T levels, concentrating on the simplest of tasks becomes a difficult chore. However, you may be experiencing difficulties in concentrating for varied reasons. Therefore, always check with your doctor to make sure the reason of poor concentration is low T levels.


Sign #6 Feeling Anxiety

Anxiety and depression occur because testosterone plays a significant role in mood and neuropsychiatric regulation. If you suddenly feel anxious, especially if you have never had anxiety issues in the past, then low T levels may need some checking. Remember, anxiety that is caused by low testosterone levels is always mild, but it may cause panic attacks.


Sign #7 Gaining Weight

Low testosterone is one of the reasons for abdominal obesity and metabolic syndrome. Research shows that low levels of testosterone make the body store excessive fat, which leads to obesity and several other health disorders.


Sign #8 A Decrease in Bone Density

Both, men and women, are equally vulnerable to suffer from low bone density due to lower testosterone levels. Osteoporosis is no longer just a woman’s problem, men too suffer from fractures due to low T levels.


Sign #9 Difficulty with Erection

Testosterone helps in stimulating sex life, but it also aids in achieving an erection. This particular hormone stimulates receptors in the brain in order to produce nitric oxide, which is a molecule that helps to trigger an erection. Therefore, when a man suffers from low T levels, he may find it difficult to achieve an erection before sex or may even experience sporadic episodes of erection, for instance, during sleep. But, of course, there are many reasons for erectile dysfunction, so it is advisable to speak to a doctor and determine if low T levels is causing the problem.


Sign #10 Low Sperm Count and Low Semen Volume

If a man has low semen volume, there will be low sperm movement during ejaculation. In addition, testosterone is also responsible for sperm production. If a man suffers from low T levels, it could account for a problem in conception for the woman.

Take Care!

Healthy levels of testosterone are of paramount importance, for men and women, in order to live a healthy and happy life. If you or anyone you know suffers from the above mentioned symptoms, speak to a doctor today.