low_TLow Testosterone aka Hypogonadism can transpire due to many reasons. There are basically two types of hypogonadism that exist:

Primary – This type of hypogonadism originates from a problem in testicles.

Secondary – This type of hypogonadism indicates a problem in the hypothalamus.

Causes for Primary Hypogonadism:

1. Physical injury to the testicles: An injury must occur to both testicles affecting testosterone levels.

2. Chemotherapy treatments: Radiation also affects and damages testicles, causing a downfall in testosterone levels.

3. Mumps infection: If you have suffered from mumps infection involving testicles then a long-term testicular damage may occur.

Causes for Secondary Hypogonadism:

1. Obesity

You have one more reason to lose those extra kilos from your body as obesity does play a vital role in causing a plunge in testosterone levels. Being profoundly overweight at any age can cause hypogonadism. An increase in body fat affects the hormone production, which further leads to a fall in testosterone levels.

2. Aging

Empirical studies have proven that most men begin to experience a slight fall in their testosterone levels once they cross the age of 30. Aging does affect the production and response to hormones. As men age, there will be a slow and gradual decrease in their testosterone production. But, of course, the rate that testosterone declines will vary from person to person.

Normal aging is inevitable, and, therefore, one must accept the fact that as you age, you are likely to have lower testosterone levels than younger men.

3. Medicines

Certain medications such as opiate pain medicines and hormone affecting medicines too affect testosterone production levels. Steroids affecting the function of hypothalamus and pituitary glands are likely to cause hypogonadism.