no-steroidIf you fancy a solution to revamp your testosterone levels for reasons such as healthy muscles, increase in libido, increase in energy, or anything else, there are plenty of products and treatments available that claim to replenish your testosterone levels.

You will be easily exposed to testosterone pills and shots, which are touted as the best solutions for increasing testosterone levels. Moreover, you will also come across several natural supplements, which require no prescription and can be easily purchased over-the-counter.

The purpose of writing this article is to fully comprehend the difference between natural supplements and testosterone pills/shots, in addition to, concluding the better option. Let’s find out what is better – natural supplements or testosterone pills?

What’s the Difference?

To begin with, there are a number of differences between the two. Natural supplements infuse the human body with ingredients that help to produce more testosterone naturally. On the other hand, a testosterone pill or shot, which is scientifically developed by physicists in laboratories help to pump actual testosterone in the body.

Natural Supplements!


Firstly, and, most importantly, it’s all natural here. All the ingredients used in these supplements are created using the help of mother nature. Usually ingredients include vitamins that are essential to produce testosterone naturally.

Secondly, most often the results of natural supplements are effective. Consumers do experience an increase in energy levels, followed by a remarkable increase in libido.

In addition, one of the best things by using natural supplements is staying away from potential side-effects. With natural supplements, you won’t be exposing yourself to dangerous side-effects otherwise quite commonly found in testosterone shots.

Negative side of Natural Supplements

Possibly the only thing that can go wrong with these supplements is its ineffectiveness in improving testosterone levels.

Testosterone Pills/Shots!


There are no straight benefits associated with testosterone pills and shots. The results usually vary depending on each individual.

For some, it has helped in improving energy levels, which has enhanced their sex lives. However, it is to be noted that these benefits may tremendously vary. Besides, the shots can also create insulin sensitivity in some men.

Negative side of Testosterone Pills and Shots

Unfortunately the downsides of testosterone pills and shots are many, including some of the horrendous side-effects.

Few of the most common side-effects include hypertrophy wherein the prostate grows massively due to high stimulation of testosterone levels. Disruption in urinary flow is another likely side-effect.

Prostate cancer can be triggered in some cases, especially when high levels of testosterones are pumped in. Sleep apnea is another popular concern in testosterone shots. And, finally, heart failure! Yes, cognitive heart failure is known to develop in some cases after infusing testosterone shots.

Final verdict!

It is safe to conclude that natural supplements are far better and safer than testosterone pills and shots. Although not all branded natural-based supplements will provide you with amazing results, it does not mean you expose yourself to risk options such as testosterone shots or pills and harm yourselves.