Men often come to sex experts with questions regarding testosterone and penis size. Most of them are eager to find out more about ways to boost testosterone levels, with the objective to increase their penis size. It is not a bad thing to rely on pills and exercise to have a bigger penis, but it is far more important to have the right knowledge about testosterone supplements.

Having an accurate analysis of testosterone supplements helps in making informed decisions. In this article, we will provide you a true picture of testosterone supplements and its correlation with penis size, if any. Read further to know more.

What Determines Your Penis Size?

It is hard to come across even a single guy who does not fancy a bigger size penis. But, that in no way means, that one should fall for lunatic options for penis enlargement. For obvious reasons, there are plenty of options available that supposedly help in enlarging penis, and testosterone supplements are one such infamous option that apparently produces ‘effective results’.

If common sense prevailed then none of the guys would even think of trying testosterone supplements. Some of you might already know, but for those who don’t, testosterone is a hormone responsible for triggering pubescent changes in a man’s body. Body hair, deep tone of the voice, and, of course, penis growth are all a result of testosterone.

Although the testosterone holds the responsibility of penis growth, it can only increase the size of the penis between the ages of 12 and 18. Moreover, by the age of 21, the size of the penis gets determined, and it can no longer increase.

To answer the question, genetics determine your penis size, and nothing else. In other words, the size of your penis is a result of a natural growth during puberty years.


What Do The Studies Say?

A few of the different studies conducted on testosterone supplements suggest that some growth did occur on average men who were keen on consuming testosterone supplements for performance enhancement, but it grew only a third of an inch. Besides, the study even noted that relying on testosterone supplements isn’t a good way to help build larger penises as it also affects the testicles and the prostate, which can be insanely dangerous.


Losing Weight May Work!

It is a good idea to lose a few extra pounds than relying on testosterone supplements for penis enlargement. Most men who are obese find the size of their penis small. Therefore, one of the safest and most effective ways of getting a larger-looking penis is weight loss. Losing of weight helps in revealing more of the hidden shaft beneath the belly fat. Of course, it doesn’t in reality increase the size of your penis, but it sure makes it look bigger.

Word of Advice:

Don’t fall for cheap gimmicks of marketing experts who propose false claims to sell their products. For the final time, Testosterone supplements and penis size are not related in any way!